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Manhill Food Service

What a complete break service should offer …

We are local people who have been in business for more than seventy years, and who are committed to providing the benefits of this experience to all of our client companies. We are your neighbors, your coaches, your volunteers and we are part of your community!
Manhill Food Service catering tent

Ace Auomatics and Manhill Food Services caters events and their menus include: chicken BBQ, steak dunner, picnic menu, business breakfast, business lunch,and much, much more.

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Vending Services

Traditional vending can be a good solution for some, but for others we suggest something a little different. A solution that is more evolved for today’s demanding workforce.

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Micro Markets

According to the most recent NAMA tradeshow, mini retail is a 7 billion dollar opportunity, which is about 17% of the vending market in the U.S. 5.1 billion of this is in a micro market..

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Quaker Oats
Rold Gold Pretzels
Pure Leaf Tea
Sun Chips